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The Process

Gertie busted into the New York City restaurant scene, guns blazin'. Don't let the deceptively simple menu of classic American fare like rotisserie chicken, bacon and eggs, and chocolate chip cookies deceive you. They knew they were bringing the heat with the food, but wanted to make sure their sunlit and airy space made folks want to stay a while. No better way to do this than with plants.

We met with their team during planning and design to hear their needs, evaluate their light, and understand their aesthetic vision of the restaurant. Due to the massive glass wall, their restaurant gets flooded with light during the day. We were able to work in foliage that are hardy enough and flourish in this environment, such as succulents and cacti.

In case the combination of food and plants weren't enough to reel you in, at least grab a drink and appreciate the incredible mural by our good friend Lea Carey. If you need out-of-this-world illustrations (who doesn't?)—she's your gal.